Tips for Women

  1. If someone is talking you, seek the help of security guards (when inside a building) and then call or go to the nearest police block/station in your area.
  2. Do not ride a jeepney if there are no female passengers inside, wait for the next vehicles. It is safer to take a bus if you are commuting alone at night. Sit near the driver if passengers are predominantly male.
  3. Do not hitch a ride with a person you do not know very well. It is always safer to take the bus, jeepney or taxicab.
  4. Avoid watching movies alone; always take someone with you – a relative or trusted friend.
  5. Ask somebody to accompany you when traveling, especially if night will overtake you.
  6. Always carry in your bag a whistle or anything that may be used to sound alarm when in danger. Scream or shout for help when you are in danger of being attacked.