Saguday Police Station is situated at Brgy. Magsaysay, Saguday, Quirino. The municipality of Saguday executed a Deed of Donation on August 28, 2003 donating a parcel of land intended for the Philippine National Police of Saguday with an exact land area of Five Hundred (500) Square meters 16.65 meters length and 30 meters width. Said lot is donated during the incumbency of Hon. Florendo M Ormilon, Municipal Mayor. Later, the PNP building was constructed and inaugurated on April 14, 2010. Saguday Police Station already secured the Original Certificate of Title with No.2019000047 (Special Patent) from Land Registration Authority, Registry of Deeds of Quirino which was released on May 16, 2019 at the office of Registry of Deeds, Capitol Complex, Cabarroguis, Quirino.

Among the most memorable event in the chronicle of Saguday is June 21, 1959, which is the founding of this town as a regular municipality of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya by virtue of House Bill No. 2541, authored by Hon. Leonardo B. Perez, then Congressman of the lone district of Nueva Vizcaya which pursuant to the provisions of Article VI, Section 20 (1) of Philippine Constitution, it became a law without the signature of His Excellency President Carlos P. Garcia, entitled Republic Act No. 2519. Pursuant to Sec. 1 of this law, the seven barrios that composed the Mun. of Saguday are as follows: Sto Tomas, La Paz, Salvacion, and Saguday (now Rizal and Magsaysay) which were separated from the Mun. of Diffun; while Dibul, Mangandingay and Tres Reyes were separated from the Mun. of Aglipay.

Originally Saguday was a part and parcel of the Mun. of Santiago, Isabela, however, upon the final settlement of the boundary dispute between Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya, Saguday being a regular barrio of Diffun became part of the latter by virtue of Executive Order No. 386, issued by then President Elpidio Quirino.

The naming of Saguday has no legendary story or folk tales. It got its name from the grandfather of former Mayor Leandro G. Cardenas, Mr. Jose Cardenas of San Jose, Nueva Vizcaya in one of his visit to his kins in Saguday.

Saguday, is an ilocano term which connotes that one possesses good traits, and blessed with clean mid, heart and soul.

The first settlers of Saguday were spearheaded by the adventurous and hardworking ilocanos who hailed from the Provinces of Pangasinan, Ilocos Region, and Nueva Ecija, who then exploited the vast virgin lands and thick forest of this very promising valley which was conducive for living.

In August 16, 1959, the first set of local officials to govern the local government unit appointed by then President of the Philippines. His Excellency Carlos P. Garcia have assumed their office, with late Hon. Luis C. Lucas, Sr. as the Municipal Mayor, while the Late Hon. Nicanor Pagbilao was the Municipal Vice Mayor.

Saguday was born as a 6th class municipality composing only of seven (7 ) barangays, however, in the year 1980 and 1981, two (2) additional barangays were created. Barangay Cardenas was created in 1980 pursuant to Sangguniang Bayan Resolution NO. 2, while Barangay Gamis was created in 1981, pursuant to Resolution No. 5, Series fo 1981.
Upon the created of Saguday the town proper has been divided into two (2) districts, District No. I now Magsaysay and District No. II, now Brgy. Rizal. Dist I has been the Seat of Mun. Government.

As to demographic feature, as per official publication of then National Census and Statistics, actual population in 1960 is 3,264; five year after, its population had increase to 4,866, registering a population growth rate of 4.07%. in 1975, the total population is 5,935 only, and the growth rate has slightly decreased to 4.05%. Another national census in population was conducted in 1980 wherein Saguday has already 6,673 people, however, the average growth rate has abruptly decreased from 4.05% to 2.37%.

In the year 1990, pursuant to Proclamation No. 688, the National Statistics Office has conducted the national census on population and housing wherein Saguday has registered 9,918 total population, and 1,929 number of households, with an average growth rate of 4.04%.
The Mun. of Saguday is basically an agriculture based economy, wherein 96% of the total population are engaged in farming as main source of livelihood. Of the total land area of 6,824.0000 hectares, 78% which represent 5,315.7152 has. are devoted to agriculture which is planted with crops like palay, corn, mango, sweet potato, cassava, beans and fruit trees. In 1982, the vast barren lands in five barangays traversed by the NIA canal were all transformed into fertile rice lands upon the operation of the NIA-MRMP irrigation project in the year 1983, which triggered the fast turnover of socio-economic upliftment on the living condition of the beneficiaries of the project, particularly the farmers at Barangays Cardenas, Rizal, La Paz, Magsaysay and Salvacion which eventually made Saguday as the rice granary of the Province of Quirino.

At present, the total irrigable areas in Saguday which is catered by the National Irrigation Administration is 1,262 has., having a total yield/production of 107,270 cav./year. Area planted with corn is 500 has., total yield is 3,500 cav. corn. Areas irrigated by PIP is 286 has. while for SWIP is 55 has.

Another milestone of development which was an instrument in helping our farmers particularly the cooperatives avail of good price of their products, is the establishment of the satellite grains center of the National Food Authority in the year 1986 whose formal procurement operation started in 1987.

As to trade and commerce, it was evident that during the early three years of the decade ‘90’s commercial activity had increased, as evident by the establishment of rice/corn buying station and other business establishment at the public market.
The first market building was constructed in the year 1961, followed by another open air building and the construction of an slaughter house in 1973. Two additional open air buildings were funded for construction in 1987 and 1990 out of NALGU, and then followed by the relocation of the slaughter house in 1988 in a 700 sq. m. lot purchase in 1985 at Brgy. Rizal which was replaced with a more spacious and sanitary building whose operation started in 1989, followed by the mushrooming of stalls erected by the local government unit and private individuals.

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BarangayName of Barangay CaptainMobile Number
CardenasHon. Godofredo P. Graganta0916839508
DibulHon. Mayjie M. Martin09364743852
GamisHon. Alfredo E. Bibangco
LapazHon. Mariano P. Antonio09262731249
MagsaysayHon. Ronnie Balandang09756063914
RizalHon. Macario C. Carbonel09161051649
SalvacionHon. Edna C. Gutierez09064986729
Sto. TomasHon. Loreto S. Cataina09357920643
Tres ReyesHon. Bernardo S. Magno09972367849