Pamilya Mo, Gagabayan Ko

Project Summary

The planned project by this station under the leadership of the officer-in-Charge, PSI REYMOND-I V ASISTORES to address problem in the municipality of Nagtipunan wherein most of the families were not aware on their right especially women and their children. This project does not require big amount of fund for its sustainability. The MSWDO Nagtipunan will be the primary partner in protecting the welfare of every women and children with the help of religious groups who will strengthen the spiritual aspect of every family. The activities of the program will be guidance counseling, information dissemination, lecture on RA 8353 (Anti-rape Law), RA 7610 (Anti-Child Abuse) and RA 9262 or the Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) for the awareness of rights of the members of the family in building a safe and peaceful community and to prevent violations of the stated laws.

Project Objectives

The project is initiated purposely to build strong family ties, to have active participation in the community and enlighten them on their rights as an individual. The program aims to provide guidance to every family in order to instill in their minds the importance of a dynamic family, building stronger ties, and united towards a progressive community. Moreover, this program aims to lessen the prevalent crime in the municipality which is the violations to women and children.

Project Details

The “Pamilya mo, Gagabayan ko” program is a joint activity of Nagtipunan PNP, MSWDO, LGU, Religious Sectors and Indigenous People (IP) representatives who have direct contact with different tribes

Partners Involved

  • LGU
  • Religious Sectors
  • Barangay Officials
  • Indigenous People (IP) Representatives

Project Updates

The project will give every member of the family the sense of belongingness, openness, and will create a deeper bond within the family. With this project, it could reduce violations to women and children and it will mold the self-confidence of every victims.