In the year 2003, the Sangguniang Bayan of Maddela donated 2,000 square meters lot with Resolution Number 95-023-B located at Poblacion Sur, Maddela, Quirino. With the program of former Chief PDG ARTURO LOMIBAO to construct first one hundred (100) ideal Police Station nationwide, Maddela Police Station is one that benefited to a Three Million Type-B Police Station. Construction started on September 28, 2005 by the San Jacinto Construction Inc. and after the completion of the Building it was inaugurated on 111300 April 2006. The Maddela PS is located adjacent to the Maddela Municipal Hall in Barangay Poblacion Sur, Maddela, Quirino with a Grid Coordinate of 606082 and has 3 PCOs, 27 PNCOs and 4 NUPs with a Police Population ratio of 1:1510.

Maddela PS Best Practices

Project Name

The Maddela Police Station under the leadership of PCINSP GODOFREDO A WASIN, Officer In-Charge, shall be implementing a Family Enhancement Assembly as one of the emerging best practices or good deeds of this station.

Project Summary

The Family Enhancement Assembly is a planned project of the uniformed personnel to penetrate all barangays in the municipality of Maddela aside from the activities directed from our higher office. The events undertaken are the conduct of lectures, advises and counseling in every family as required with the support/guidance from the MSWD Officer as concerned agency regarding family problems. The beneficiaries of this program are the couples/families and youths of every Barangay.

Project Objective

To promote a happy and a nonviolent family of this municipality, this station shall conduct a Family Enhancement Activity at least twice a month in every two (2) Barangays within the municipality.

Project Details

The assembly is one of the activities of Maddela PNP supported by the MSWD and Barangay Officials. It will be an interaction between the 2 parties regarding any issue that concerns their family welfare and problems if there is.


The Maddela PS under the leadership of PCINSP GODOFREDO ALINGOD WASIN, Officer-in-Charge, shall be implementing the MADDELA POLICE SOP dubbed as: “MADDELA Prohibits Offenders that Lead to the Infractions/breaking of rules in the Community and Environment, thus, the police are Servants Of Peace”. This is a crime reporting strategy thru installation/posting of tarpaulins and stickers for public viewing as one of the emerging best practices of Maddela Police Station.


The crime prevention and solution reporting strategy is best defined as a working tool on information access from the community wherein tarpaulins and stickers will be posted to crime prone areas in the municipality, and in 32 barangays for public view in order to gain access from the community and vice versa immediately if crime is being committed, about to commit, or had just been committed. Considering the distance and time of personally reporting the crime to this station, the apprehension might as well give space to the offender/ perpetrator to escape.

It is for this reason that aside from daily patrolling and other police operations conducted, our eyes and ears in every barangay shall also be strengthened thru our working tool on quick reporting.


Maddela PNP shall perform the MADDELA POLICE SOP in order to have the following:

Quick response on emergency calls; Easy access to friendly personnel of the PNP; Confidential information if warrants; Quality services to constituents; and Love and concern to the people.


Personnel of Maddela PS under the supervision of PCI GODOFREDO A WASIN, OIC while distributing MADDELA POLICE SERVANT OF PEACE stickers and flyers for public information in order to gain access from the community.


The Maddela Police Station under the leadership of PCINSP GOFOFREDO A WASIN, Officer In-Charge, is currently implementing the “Oplan Visa” as anti-crime strategy against motorcycle riding criminals using motorcycles in committing crime and other criminal offenses.

PROJECT SUMMARY The Oplan Visa is covered with a Municipal Ordinance Number 5, Series of 2012, and unanimously approved by the August Body who in turned, assured that the PNP Maddela and LGU were jointly responsible in the dissemination of the very purpose of the plan to our constituents who are owners of motorcycles and motorized tricycles to register the same to the LGU once the local ordinance will be finally approved.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE Maddela PNP aims to inform this project to all owners of single motorcycles and to register their motorcycles by presenting the necessary requirements such as the Official Receipt, Certificate of Registration of said vehicle, two (2) 2”x2” picture, and one (1) valid Identification Card and then pay the corresponding amount of P 200.00 at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office before they will be issued IDs and Stickers for OPLAN “VISA”. (Operation Plan on the Verification and Identification of Sticker’s Authenticity); and

This Project is a police security operation strategy against criminals, would be offenders and lawless elements during checkpoint operations.

PROJECT DETAIL The Identification Card must be carried by the driver of the motorcycle in which the corresponding sticker is attached while on transit. Oplan Sita shall be vigorously implemented on moving motorcycles and other suspicious motor vehicles.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND ACCOMPLISHMENT Personnel of Maddela PS under the supervision of PCI GODOFREDO A WASIN, OIC while conducting checkpoint implementing the “Oplan Visa within area of responsibility.



The Maddela PS under the leadership of PCINSP GODOFREDO A WASIN, OIC, is implementing the “The PRO MAD COPS” as one of the emerging best practices this station.



The PRO MAD COPS program is a planned project purposely within the PNP members of Maddela PS. This is to educate and discipline the personnel so that they will be able to deliver the best services to the community. If we want discipline, peacefulness and orderliness in a municipality, the public servants must have these traits in order to beat the objectives. Maddela Police Station personnel shall be a highly capable, credible and effective in rendering police services through constant guidance and information to all personnel not only to the erring ones.


To develop highly competitive police officers with a high sense of responsibility, committed to different police works, spiritually and morally upright, and objective-driven law enforcers in the community.


This project shall start within the hearts and minds of every policeman in this station. Seminars, trainings or schooling shall be encapsulated to this project aside from being makatao, makadiyos, at makabayan. All these good behavior and attitude will be the starting point in order to better improve our services to the people.


Uniformed and Non-Uniformed personnel of Maddela Police Station lead by PCINSP GODOFREDO A WASIN, OIC attended the Moral Recovery presided by Pastor Anselmo Ballad from Jesus is Our Shield, Worldwide Ministries, Living Like Jesus base in Dumabato Norte, Maddela, Quirino held at this Office on February 17, 2016, at 9:00 AM.

NUPSalvadorMc JohnDCrime Registrar

Local Government of Maddela

Maddela Katutubo

Pinappagan was the former name of the municipality and now renamed into MADDELA.This town is inhabited by natives living along the fringes of the Sierra Madre Mountains within the hinterlands of the Mamparang Ranges. These inhabitants were the Ilongots and the Dumagats both of the Pagan Tribes. The two tribal communities had simple lifestyles engaged in primitive farming, hunting and fishing. They farmed at small valleys at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains, fished along the river banks of the Cagayan River and hunted in the wild forest.

In the year 1919, about 20 Ilocanos headed by then Forester Vicente Velasco first formed settlements along the river banks, and then gradually penetrated into the Valley of Pinappagan, now Maddela. (Pinappagan was coined from the Ilocano words: pinapatay – killed and Pagano – pagan. On this premise, it is believed that the first Christians who intended to settle in the Municipality were killed by Pagan).

The total land area of the Municipality is 91,857 hectares with 32 Barangay inhabited by 40,980 populations. It is bounded on the South by the Province of Aurora, on the East by Isabela Province and on the Southwest of Nagtipunan this Province. The population is inhabited by Christian Majority who are Ilocanos, Tagalog and cultural Minorities composed of Ifugaos, Ilongots and Muslim Families.

The sources of livelihood are farming, business, furniture makers and banana dealers which seventy percent mountainous terrain and quite slop category. However, a first class classification having a tends of tourist spots like Dumabato Falls, Governor’s Rapid and the Villa Caridad Hotel and Restaurant was once adjudged by the Department of Tourism number one (1) entire Region 02. Today, Maddela has One Hundred One (101) years of existence of its landmark since founded.

The Municipality of Maddela lies at the Northeastern part of the Province of Quirino. It is bounded on the North by the Province of Isabela and the Municipality of Aglipay; Southeast is the Province of Aurora; Southwest by the Municipality of Nagtipunan and Northwest by the Municipality of Cabarroguis. It is about 62 kilometers away from Santiago City and approximately 31 kilometers from the capital town of Quirino. It lies on the meridians of 16’ 21’ 35.52” N latitude and 121’ 40’ 57.18” E longitude.

The land area of Maddela is the biggest among the six (6) towns of Quirino when Nagtipunan was not yet created. However, when Batas Pambansa 345 was approved sometime on February 25, 1983, the existing area of about 225,972 hectares was divided, ceding 150, 240 hectares for the Municipality of Nagtipunan and 75,732 hectares which is approximately one fourth or 24.77 percent of the total land area of Quirino province left for Maddela.

The Municipality of Maddela is a first class municipality in the province of Quirino. According to the 2013 census, it has a population of 40,980 people.

Maddela is the commercial hub of the province. It is located between the provinces of Isabela and Aurora. The total land area of the Municipality is 91,857 hectares with 32 Barangays inhabited by 40,980 population. It is bounded on the South by the Province of Aurora, on the East by Isabela Province and on the Southwest of Nagtipunan this Province. The population is inhabited by Christian Majority who are Ilocanos, Tagalog and cultural Minorities composed of Ifugaos, Ilongots and Muslim Families.

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