Keeping the Family Safe

  1. Make sure you and members of your family know the whereabouts of everyone for the day. Place a “whereabouts” board in the kitchen or family room where family members can post their schedules or destinations for the day.
  2. Instruct all family members and household help not to entertain strangers at the gate or on the phone. Children should be especially trained not to converse with strangers on the phone. Transactions, if any, should be done outside the gate. This will prevent closer observation of your premises or the household layout.
  3. Teach your family and household helps to verify the identity of phone callers before identifying themselves.
  4. Never give out information on the whereabouts of family members to just anyone on the phone. Friends or relatives should be politely asked to call again so they can personally talk to the person they are looking for. Should the unknown caller insist on asking to speak to each and every family member, ask for his name and politely say the message will be relayed and that he should call back again. Call the police for assistance if you
  5. repeatedly receive anonymous phone calls.
  6. Instruct family members and your house help that designated family member must be contacted in an emergency or if there are dubious characters at your door or on your phone. List the important phone numbers in the front or back page of your directory for easy access.
  7. Be aware of phone swindlers who call in and report that one family member has been in an accident and is asking for the family member or household help to bring cash or other valuable to a certain place. Verify with another family member before acting on this.
  8. Verify the identity of callers at your gate before opening the door. Use peepholes provided on gates and doors for this purpose. Should the stranger be a repairman, electrician or the like, verify his identity by calling the service office.
  9. Advise your children to refrain from playing/loitering on streets outside your residence where they are highly vulnerable to abduction. Advice your children never to leave home without telling you of their destination and expected time of arrival.