For Foreign Tourists and Visitors

  1. Do not carry restricted items in the Philippines such as contraband, illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition and explosive materials. To know more, contact your country embassy;
  2. Always keep your baggage in view, especially at the airport, your hotel, and when getting in and out of vehicles;
  3. Keep all bags securely fastened and beware of pickpockets;
  4. Beware of deception practices;
  5. All taxis are equipped with electronic fare meters, as stipulated by law. Do not accept illegal transport services; Take note of the taxi plate number and photograph the taxi;
  6. Don’t carry large amounts of cash or valuables on your person. Keep them in the hotel safe. If you use your room safe, avoid a PIN/code which can be easily guessed from your personal particulars;
  7. Only buy merchandise from reputable shops;
  8. Be alert for credit card skimming swipe the card yourself; Withdraw money on safe ATM locations.
  9. Always obtain a receipt for goods purchased;
  10. Never buy imitation or counterfeit brand name goods, such as handbags and watches;
  11. Do not go to high risk, crime prone places. Consult your country embassy to know more information;
  12. Do not travel alone. Always travel in groups and leave a message to your friends or family about your travel plans in the country and
  13. Take note of the police contact number and location in your area or destination.