For Foreign Tourists and Visitors

For Foreign Tourists and Visitors Do not carry restricted items in the Philippines such as contraband, illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition and explosive materials. To know more, contact your country embassy; Always keep your baggage in view, especially at the airport, your hotel, and when getting in and out of vehicles; Keep all bags securely fastened continue reading : For Foreign Tourists and Visitors

Tips for Women

Tips for Women If someone is talking you, seek the help of security guards (when inside a building) and then call or go to the nearest police block/station in your area. Do not ride a jeepney if there are no female passengers inside, wait for the next vehicles. It is safer to take a bus continue reading : Tips for Women

Safety in Commercial Centers

Safety in Commercial Centers Never try to buy something from the sidewalks; instead, go to a department store. The goods may be a little more expensive there but it is safer since you avoid thieves, pickpockets and sidewalk hawkers. Never grab a bargain sold gold watch, diamond ring or anything from the sidewalk. You are continue reading : Safety in Commercial Centers