After the creation of the Philippine National Police in 1991 pursuant to RA 6975, the unit was named 163rd Mobile Force. Years later, it was renamed to Quirino Provincial Mobile Force / Police District Command and later renamed 207th Provincial Mobile Group. In 2009, the Mobile Group was renamed Quirino Provincial Public Safety Company (QPPSC).

On October 16, 2017, QPPSC was renamed to Quirino Provincial Mobile Force Company (QPMFC) pursuant to PNP Memorandum Circular Number 2017-063 dated October 16, 2017 amending NHQ-PNP Memorandum Circular No. 2009-020A dated July 5, 2010 entitled “Guidelines and Procedures on the Rationalization of the PNP Mobile Groups”. On May 5, 2020, 2nd Quirino Provincial Mobile Force Company (2nd QPMFC) was activated pursuant to PRO2 General Order Number 31. Hence, QPMFC was renamed 1st QPMFC covering the 4 municipalities of Aglipay, Cabarroguis, Diffun, and Saguday while the 2nd QPMFC based at Brgy Ponggo, Nagtipunan, Qurino headed by PLTCOL WALTER A PASICOLAN as Force Commander covers the remaining 2 municipalities of Maddela and Nagtipunan as its area of responsibility.